Tuesday, February 3, 2009

fingertalks needs to talk

I know doll-faced Fingertalks through her blog and real life. We egg each other on to continue updating our blogs, which usually turns into a pen-flinging contest over cubical walls.

I’ve been bugging her for MONTHS to post on a particular topic. And since SHE HAS NOT , I’m going to give my perspective and LIGHT A FIRE UNDER HER ASS. (CAPS!)

A few months ago, Fingertalks was crushing on a guy deemed Casanova. I don’t believe in the “league” thing. But if I did – I would define him as scalping tickets in Utah to the World Series between the Yanks and Red Sox because he didn’t know what the hell he had or what to do with it. I digress.

Some people can feel down and out when crushes/relationships end. So I enrolled Fingertalks on a dating Web site. Behind her back. I’m an evil genius.

I had to scrape her jaw off the floor when I told her the next day. And the fun has ensued. She hasn’t gone on a date (yet!) but I constantly pester her to check her many, MANY emails from potential lovers. Or stalkers. It’s a very fine line.

I just wanted her to see what kind of guys are out there in the big world. Or the tri-state area at least. Don’t get me wrong – for every 2451 guys that send a message, there may be one that potentially won’t suck.

I was certainly was a skeptic at first. All those creepy messages – the guy who expressed a need to cuddle with me, the 60-year-old that wanted a family – can bug a girl out.

Even the dates could flop - I went on a date where the guy hummed every time there was silence. I told myself to ditch online after that. But I scheduled another date, with another guy – just to be sure I was done with the web dating.

Now we’ve been seeing each other for nearly nine months. I don’t assume it will work for everyone – but I think Fingertalks should give it a try. Or at least tell you what kind of guys she attracted. The results are wonderful!


Finger Talks said...

alright my little sweetie pie.
1. you're getting a pen cap to the eye tomorrow for sure!
2. you're totally right and I will blog about this tomorrow, i promise, or you can give ME a pen cap to the eye
3. have i told you i love you more then smoothies?!? and you know i love my smoothies!
4. it's possible i'm a wolf in sheeps clothing, but you're an honest to god good writer in journalist clothing you little whore! booya for you!

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