Sunday, November 16, 2008

holiday shopping sucks

Christmas shopping has always been hard for me. I can never find the “perfect” gift. And this year I’m just completely freakin’ clueless. My family is hard enough to shop for. Mom might be clothes. Dad will probably be electronics. Sister will be happy with anything high-end, which is great for ideas, bad for the wallet. And now I have to add the boyfriend to the list.

So in my search for “perfect” gifts – I thought I would share a few failures. Or some that bomb so hard, they are brilliant. Enjoy!

Breakfast of the Month Club: I’ve heard of fruit and beer – but breakfast is wonderful. Nothing says love like flapjacks. Better than the Beef Jerky of the Month Club. And I’m not kidding - there is such a thing.

Adam and Eve: Add your faces to a picture of Adam and Eve. That sounds romantic. Post it in the living room. But do you really want your parents imagining you and your partner only in a fig leaf?

365 Warm Wishes: It’s a jar filled with little pieces of paper saying things about love, hope and happiness. Awwwwwwww. It’s completely adorable, right? And after your done reading all those messages, you can puke in the jar. It only costs you $30.

Slanket: It’s not an endangered species. It’s a blanket with SLEEVES. You would have to be an evil genius to come up with this. It looks like a fuzzy mu-mu. In light blue. I always complain about being cold, but I’d rather freeze than wear this thing.

Stuffed STD's: STD's shouldn't be cute - it's just wrong.

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