Sunday, November 2, 2008

left field? more like outta the ballpark

A little more than a year ago I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. Don’t cry for me Argentina – you too Paraguay. So in between the break up and the meet up with my current (wonderful) boyfriend, it’s safe to say I “dabbled” in the dating world.

I went on one date with this guy – we’ll call him Jess (because that’s his name) – and he never called me after that one date. It was an okay date – walk around Hoboken in the freezing cold, grab a milkshake, talk about life’s randomness. He impressed me by bringing me flowers and a mini stapler (I was really special). You know, what 14 year-olds dream of for a first date. Without the copious amounts of giggling. At the end of the night we parted with an awkward hug and that was basically the last I heard from him.

That is, until Thursday. He decided to send me an email apologizing for never calling me – and calling himself a jerk. He detailed a list of personal family problems for excuses – and then explains that those aren’t excuses and he should have called me. (To any guys out there – don’t tell a girl your entire life story and then say “but I still had time – I could have called you.” That will just piss us off further. I promise.) He then says, several times, that his lack of communication has bothered him for months and he planned on emailing me much sooner.

And he should have – because I could have reassured him that I didn’t care. Did he think that our one date was groundbreaking, and by him not calling I would throw myself into a deep well of depression? Or that I was sitting at my computer, constantly hitting the refresh button, waiting anxiously for another email? Wondering, “Why didn’t he call? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!”

Eh. I lived. And what do you even write back to that? “Yeah, um, sorry but – I kind of moved on. Months ago. Pretty much two days later. Sorry you wasted months toiling over whether or not to email me. You shouldn’t worry about stuff like that. Have a great life!”

The only time I remembered him was when that damn stapler broke. I miss that stapler.


Andy said...

Wow you Jersey girls get the drama.... And I'll keep this e-mail advice in mind.

So@24 said...

Okay. Way off topic, but I saw in your archives you geeked out about Legends of the Hidden Temple.

1. It was the hardest gameshow ever. Seriously. I don't remember a team ever winning

2. I carved a pumpkin this year to the shape of The Green Monkey

3. My friends and I built an enormous Olmec out of cardboard. Email me and I will send you the picture. It was amazing.

Shelly D said...

Ohmagosh...I would love to see that picture! I don't remember winners either - it's all because of those damn temple guards. But I think they still received Huffy bikes, right?